Featured article on Absolutely Alleghany…

We were approached to do an interview by a local writer in Alleghany county, and we thrilled with the opportunity! Being a part of community is something we are all about, and we love to share a good story when we can. This article about Devin’s coming of age and joining the family business to prosper and build it into what is now Carolina Farm Table, does the trick. Click here to read it and enjoy!


P.s. Don’t you just love this photo!? THIS is the guy I fell in love with and his wooden bumper!! 😉


Same wood, different finishes…

We had two different clients, each wanting reclaimed oak for their table tops, but varying shades of finish. These are the two final pieces we created for each of them…

The first table here has our standard trestle base, painted off white and the top has been finished with a dark stain. It has an 1 3/4″ thick top, breadboard ends and has been hand planed. The matching bench compliments it well, along with the thumb back side chairs.


The second trestle table used the exact same wood, but has been finished in our medium stain. It too has an 1 3/4″ thick top, breadboard ends and has been hand planed. The base is a custom trestle design, that reminds me of classic New England style. It too has been painted off white.

So you see, the differences are incredibly dramatic depending on how you finish reclaimed oak. Both pieces turned out beautifully!

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